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Honda Fit/Jazz Manual - Moonroof/Sunroof

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  1. Sunroof Circuit Diagram Except KK KU KT T00
  2. Sunroof Circuit Diagram Except KK KY KU KT KN T00
  3. Sunroof Circuit Diagram KK KU KT T00
  4. Sunroof Circuit Diagram KK KY KU KT KN T00
  5. Sunroof Closing Force and Opening Drag Check T10
  6. Sunroof Control Unit Input Test T00
  7. Sunroof Drain Channel Replacement T00
  8. Sunroof Drain Channel Slider and Cable Assembly Replacement T00
  9. Sunroof Electrical Component Location Index T06
  10. Sunroof Frame and Drain Tube Replacement T10
  11. Sunroof Glass Height Adjustment T00
  12. Sunroof Glass Replacement T00
  13. Sunroof Limit Switch Adjustment T00
  14. Sunroof Limit Switch Test T00
  15. Sunroof Mechanical Component Location Index T05
  16. Sunroof Motor Replacement T00
  17. Sunroof Motor Test T00
  18. Sunroof Sunshade Replacement T00
  19. Sunroof Switch Test Replacement T00
  20. Sunroof Symptom Troubleshooting T10
  21. Sunroof Wind Deflector Replacement T00

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