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Honda Fit/Jazz - Valve Seat Reconditioning

Online Honda Fit/Jazz 2002-2005 Workshop repair manual used by professionals.

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Snip from the Manual

Valve Seat Reconditioning

replace them before cutting the valve seats.

2.Renew the valve seats in the cylinder head using a valve seat cutter.


3.Carefully cut a 45° seat, removing only enough material to ensure a smooth and concentric seat.

4.Bevel the upper and lower edges at the angles shown in the illustration.
Check the width of the seat and adjust accordingly.


5.Make one more very light pass with the 45° cutter to remove any possible burrs caused by the other cutters.

Valve Seat Width:Intake:Standard (New):0.850-1.150 mm (0.0335-0.0453 in.)Service Limit: 1.60

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