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Honda Fit/Jazz - CVT Road Test - With 7-speed Mode (CVT)

Online Honda Fit/Jazz 2002-2005 Workshop repair manual used by professionals.

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Snip from the Manual

CVT Road Test - With 7-speed Mode

1.Warm up the engine to normal operating temperature (the radiator fan comes on).

2.Apply the parking brake, and block rear wheels. Start the engine, the shift to D position while pressing the brake pedal. Press the accelerator pedal, and release it suddenly. The engine should not stall.

3.Test in P position:
park the vehicle in a slope about 16°, apply parking brake, and shift into P position. Release the brake; the vehicle should not move.

4.To test-drive the vehicle, remove the glove box cover and glove box, and remove the passenger's lower

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