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Honda Fit/Jazz - Abbreviations

Online Honda Fit/Jazz 2002-2005 Workshop repair manual used by professionals.

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Snip from the Manual


List of automotive abbreviations which may be used in shop manual.

ABSAnti-lock Brake SystemA/CAir Conditioning, Air ConditionerACLAir CleanerA/FAir Fuel RatioALRAutomatic Locking RetractorALTAlternatorAMPAmpere(s)ANTAntennaAPIAmerican Petroleum InstituteAPPAccelerator Pedal PositionAPPROX.ApproximatelyASSYAssemblyA/TAutomatic TransmissionATDCAfter Top Dead CenterATFAutomatic Transmission FluidATTAttachmentAUTOAutomaticAUX
BAROBarometricBATBatteryBDCBottom Dead CenterBTDC
Before Top Dead Center
CARBCarburetorCAT or CATA

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